Physical Recreation, Skills & Voluntary Service Sections

Working towards the Physical Recreation, Skills & Voluntary Service Sections

For the Physical Recreation, Skills and Voluntary Service Sections, you will receive support and advice from your Award Leader who will be working with you throughout your participation in the Award. The following Action Plan is suggested:
  1. Attend an Online Record Book Registration Workshop.
  2. Attend an Award Leader Sections Presentation Session.
  3. Find an appropriate activity for each of the three Sections and submit your proposed activities together with your goals (make sure your goals are S.M.A.R.T.) and assessors' details for approval by completing your Online Record Book
  4. You can start your activities only once your Award Leader has approved them.
  5. Once your activities are approved please make sure you collect your Record Sheets from your Award Leader.
  6. Make sure you keep a log of each of your activities on your Record Sheets and the ORB.
  7. Once a Section is completed you should upload your Record Sheet on the ORB and then also submit the Section for approval.

S.M.A.R.T. goals

Make sure you set S.M.A.R.T. goals for your chosen activities by answering the following questions:
  • Specific - Your goal should be as specific as possible and answer the questions: What is your goal? How often or how much? Where will it take place?
  • Measurable - How will you measure your goal? Measurement will give you specific feedback and hold you accountable
  • Attainable - Goals should push you, but it is important that they are achievable. Are your goals attainable?
  • Realistic - Is your goal and timeframe realistic for the goal you established?
  • Timely - Do you have a timeframe listed in your SMART goal? This helps you be accountable and helps in motivation.


Minimum timescale for each level by section
Skills Voluntary
Plus... Adventurous
Bronze 3 months 3 months 3 months All participants
must do an extra
3 months in
either Physical
Recreation or
Skills or Service
2 days + 1 night
Silver 6 months 6 months 6 months Non Bronze
holders must do
an extra 6 months
in either Physical
Recreation or
Skills or Service
3 days + 2 nights
Gold* 12 months 12 months 12 months Non Silver holders
must do an extra
6 months in
either Physical
Recreation or
Skills or Service
4 days + 3 nights
*Plus additional requirement of 5 days & 4 nights Residential Project

Voluntary Service Section

Aim: To learn how to give useful service to others

Participants should undertake an activity in which they give service to others, from which they should be able to gain new experiences for personal development. Examples of Service activities include: Click here for more Voluntary Service ideas.

Skills Section

Aim: To encourage the development of personal interests and practical skills

This section encourages participants to take up or continue a personal interest, showing evidence of effort and individual progress. Skill activities include:
  • Non-physical hobbies like playing a musical instrument
  • Vocational or job-related skills such as carpentry or typing
  • A study on a particular topic such as candle-making
  • Arts & crafts such as painting or pottery
  • Games such as chess
  • Performance skills such as theatre
Click here for more Skills ideas.

Physical Recreation Section

Aim: To encourage participation in Physical Recreation and improvement of performance

This sections aims to help participants have fun, meet new people, develop their physical fitness and performance, achieve a sense of satisfaction and hopefully acquire a lifelong interest. Participants should achieve proper instruction and supervision in their chosen activity so that they can participate under safe conditions. Participation may be on an individual or a group/team basis but progress must be assessed on a personal basis. Examples of physical recreation activities include martial arts, fitness and dancing.

Click here for more Physical Recreation ideas.
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