Entrance Examination Procedure

There is, at present, separate ranking for Greek, Turkish and English speakers for Year One entrance.

The results of the Greek/Turkish/English, Maths and NVR papers (all equally weighted) are added together and the paper list is generated from this.  Students are selected accordingly. 
The school considers that the process for marking papers is scrupulous and totally anonymous since no names appear on the exam paper candidates write their answers.
Additionally, there is barcoding of all scripts.

In practice, candidates check the cover sheet attached to the exam paper is correct before each examination so that nothing is written on the exam paper itself apart from their answers.

Markers cannot in any way identify the candidate through the barcode. Once exam scripts have been marked and ranking is finalised, only then do candidate numbers (issued at the time of registration), appear on the internal pass list which is ultimately generated. Thus no-one is aware at any stage in the process of candidates' names or even their original registration numbers.
Papers are marked by all members of the relevant Departments and in practice, each paper is marked and remarked by a second marker on the Saturday or Sunday. All marking takes place in school and at other times papers are locked in the school strong room.

Papers of candidates on the waiting list (and those immediately above and below this group- precise numbers to be determined by actual marks) have their papers checked again by two markers and again at this stage the papers are identified only by the numerical codes.

All marking and assessment is carried out only by members of Staff. At this stage the results will be definitive since borderline candidates will have been thoroughly re-assessed.

It is important to note that it is school policy that candidates’ scripts cannot be returned or    
shown to candidates.
The school is aware that the examination process is inevitably a stressful one but believes that its process is both fair and transparent. In practice, it gives all candidates an equal chance and subsequent research, taking into account the longer term, has shown that the papers do select the appropriate students for the school.
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