The English School Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is intended to support and encourage all students in the school community to meet the following standards, which reflect the significant values underlying the school mission statement: Respect, Tolerance, Fairness, Selflessness and Responsibility.

The Code of Student Conduct has three sections.
  • A Students' Rights section
  • A Students' Responsibility section
  • A Sanction section to deal with transgressions
All English School Students have the following Rights:
  • To be treated equally and respectfully by all others in the school community
  • To have access to formal complaint procedures for those situations in which they believe themselves to be victims of discrimination based on gender, ethnic background, colour, religion, sexual orientation or disability
  • To have access to procedures to appeal a decision about misconduct charges or sanctions on their part
  • To expect safety, confidentiality, and privacy when being considered for misconduct or when reporting the wrongdoing of others 
All English School Students have the following Responsibilities:*
  • To complete all academic work honestly and responsibly, rejecting all forms of cheating, plagiarism or dishonest presentation of one's work
  • To respect the rights and responsibilities of all individuals in the school community
  • To behave safely and responsibly by refraining from all forms of misconduct or aggressive or disrespectful behaviour toward individuals or property
  • To refrain from the use of disrespectful communication to or about others
  • To reject all forms of discrimination or harassment toward others
  • Attend all classes on time
  • To meet school standards on appearance and dress/uniform regulations
  • To refrain from the use of mobile phones and extraneous electronic equipment while in classes or educational activities
  • Do not engage in any behaviours involving the use of drugs, alcohol, addictive substances or smoking
  • Participate as required in all school activities and functions, including all lessons and sporting activities
  • To refrain from any political party campaigning or promotion in the School
  • To act at all times in a manner which will not bring discredit upon themselves, their family and their School
  • To use the internet and ICT in School safely and to refrain from using social networking sites or the internet to harass other students or staff
  • To refrain from the use of violence towards other students and staff
*The above list is not exhaustive and can be extended in the future

Home / School Agreement
The English School has the following responsibilities:
  • To provide a comprehensive and engaging education to all its students
  • To place the individual child at the heart of everything it does
  • To monitor individual student progress and intervene if there is evidence of underachievement
  • To keep all of its students safe
  • To respect the rights and responsibilities of all individuals in the school community
  • Ensure that staff provide regular and valuable feedback on written and classwork completed by their students
  • To offer a modern and relevant curriculum
  • To offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities and educational visits
  • To monitor student attendance and take action when there are problems
  • To refrain from any party political campaigning or promotion in the School
  • To prepare students adequately for higher education and employment
  • To provide an effective programme of social, moral, spiritual and health guidance through its assemblies, PHSCE programmes
  • To liaise regularly with parents to maintain good communication and effective care in loco parentis
  • To implement an effective behaviour management system to ensure all students are in an environment conducive to learning, using both rewards and sanctions
  • To deal with communications from parents in a courteous and prompt manner
 The English School parents have the following responsibilities:
  • To ensure their children attend school regularly and arrive promptly in the morning
  • To monitor their child in their home learning to ensure that they complete all task and activities set by the teacher and submits them on time
  • To communicate with the School if their child is having difficulties, experiencing bullying or falling behind academically
  • To support the School and the actions of the Leadership team if their child is involved in bullying
  • To communicate promptly with the School if their child is ill and cannot attend
  • To support the School by emphasising the need for good behaviour, regular attendance and promptness to their child
  • To work in close collaboration with school staff to ensure that the best possible educational experience is provided for their child
  • Communicate with the School if their child has any long-term medical conditions which will hinder their learning
  • To refrain from imposing undue pressure on their child regarding attainment expectations. It is more effective to be supportive and encouraging.
  • To attend parents' consultations and review days regularly and with their child
  • To communicate with school staff in a positive spirit of collaboration
  • To encourage their child to participate in extra-curricular activities
Sanctions for Misconduct:
Failure on the part of students to live up to these standards will be seen as a breach of the Code of Student Conduct. It will incur intervention or disciplinary action, which will take one or more of the following forms, depending on the severity of the misbehaviour. Restitution or restoration of the victim will also be expected in some instances.
Sanctions might include the following but not necessarily in this order, depending on the severity of the misconduct:
  • A work assignment
  • Guidance intervention by a member of the staff
  • Contact with parents/parental meeting
  • School detention
  • Immediate withdrawal from class or activity for a referral to Leadership Team
  • Community service assignment
  • Suspension
  • Discipline Committee hearing
  • Permanent exclusion
Wherever possible, the sanctions will be guided by restorative principles in an attempt to educate the students not to transgress the Code of Student Conduct again.
Note that the School reserves the right to inspect student property, including electronic devices, in cases of suspected bullying.
To ensure all students are adequately protected, the School reserves the right to sanction students who may be found to be perpetrators of bullying or harassment of other students outside school hours and/or off the school premises.
Such sanctions will be implemented according to the School's Behaviour Policy. 
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