Our Aims

Part of our Mission statement here at the English School states the following:

‘The English School exists to promote academic excellence through high quality processes of teaching and learning. The school seeks to maximise individual potential by providing rich and engaging educational experiences and challenges, supported by talented and trained staff, in a safe and caring environment and using modern pedagogical techniques and new technologies’.

We are passionately committed to fulfilling our Mission statement and, therefore, we aim through our practice, to improve continually the quality of education we provide and hence, raise the educational standards achieved by all our students.

We aim to provide a caring, safe, supportive and stimulating environment with high quality teaching in which students will enjoy their learning experiences and, therefore, become:
  • Equipped with skills, knowledge and understanding which will help them to make informed choices about their lives, especially related to further study and choice of career
  • Independent with enquiring minds which enjoy learning and want to learn more each day
  • Confident, flexible, able to co-operate with others and enjoy a high level of self-esteem and self-efficacy
  • Able to express themselves in an imaginative and creative way through a range of media
  • Eager to succeed with a pride in their achievements

We believe that children learn best when they:
  • are happy, interested and motivated
  • are confident, feel secure and  assume responsibility for their learning
  • achieve success, where success is celebrated
  • are given tasks which match their ability
  • clearly understand the task
  • are challenged and stimulated
  • work collaboratively in pairs and groups as well as independently
  • are given meaningful feedback that helps them improve
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