2nd Year Entry: English Syllabus / Course Outline

For entry to the 2nd Form of the school there is one paper in English. The exam tests candidates for a level of competence in English, equivalent to a good standard at the end of the 1st Form of the English School.


There is an essay of 200-250 words (descriptive/narrative), reading comprehension and a range of exercises on usage, grammar and vocabulary. These may vary from time to time.


The essay: Candidates are expected to show evidence of appropriate vocabulary and range in structure, accuracy in the use of grammar punctuation, spelling and structure of the response. Content should be original. The instructions in the question set must be adhered to.

Comprehension: Candidates will be able to answer clearly and concisely. They will have an understanding of and ability to analyse some of the features of writer’s use of language (writer’s craft) e.g. simile, metaphor, personification. They will need to use their own words and not lift from the text unless the question set asks to quote from the text.

Usage/Grammar/Vocabulary exercises: There should be evidence of a good grasp of usage/grammar/vocabulary at this level, both in terms of production as well as recognition.

English Syllabus for entrance to the Second Form

Sample papers

Year Two Mid-Programme Entry English

Past papers

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