Submitting Options to the School

Dear Students and Parents of Year 1, 3, 5 and 6,

Re: Submitting Options to the School
Further to the information already provided the online system for submitting student options to the School will be activated on Monday, 15th January 2024.

Information for Year 1 students, choosing a language, will be sent separately by Ms Vanessa Crambert.

Each student has been provided with a username and password.  Once logged-in the relevant form should be completed following the instructions provided online.  Students / parents should also bear in mind any other requirements / restrictions which have already been explained.
The deadline to complete this is on Monday, 5th February 2024. Please ensure that your options are on the School system by this date at the latest.
After this deadline, changes to the options submitted will only be possible, during the Options Changes window (last two weeks of August). Kindly note that although we try our best to meet student’s request for changes at this late stage, this may not be possible due to timetabling restrictions or because option sets are full. Thus, it is essential that students consider their choices very carefully before submitting them in February.
If you require any technical support please contact:
Ms Elena Kazantzi (22799303,
Ms Stella Nicolaou (22799353,
If you have any questions or require advice about the options to select, please contact the Careers Office of the school:
Ms Natasa Ashioti (22799397,, Mr Panayiotis Kkailas (22799396,  or myself (22799315,
Yours sincerely,
Mrs Ursula Pantelides,
Senior Assistant Head

Please follow these steps to enter your choices through the school’s online system.
To start, type the following URL into your internet browser:

Login details have been emailed to all students.
Once in the system, you should carefully read the school requirements and by clicking on “Extra information: Click here for an example” to view an example on how to do your submission.

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