Policy / Procedures

The English School Code of Conduct

Educational Trips:

Policy -  Guidelines for Educational Visits 
  Category of Educational Visits:
- Category A  = non-residential, domestic visits that normally have low-risk activities.
- Category B = Local visits that involve a higher profile or have low to medium risk activities
- Category C = Visits Abroad (residential & exchange visits) Where the level of risk involved may range from medium to high
Relevant Forms:
   Form A - Educational Visits Application Form /Category A visits
 Form B - Evaluation of visit
 Form C - Educational Visits Application Form /Category B and C visits
 Form D - Risk assessment for Category B and C visits
 Form E - Parental Consent for Category B and C visits
 Form F - Incident Form
 Form G - Evaluation of visit
 Form H - Risk assessment for Category A trips

 Copy of the Authorisation form to be signed by certifying officer


Access Arrangements for External Examinations
Registrations for the external examinations
Policy Concerning Student Requesting a Reduced Timetable
The English School Admissions Policy


Anti-Bullying Policy
Attendance Procedure
Behaviour Policy
Child Safeguarding and Child Protection Guidelines (updated 20.09.2021)
Letter regarding Visitors to School Site 
Safeguarding Our Students - Visitors policy
ES Missing Child Policy 2019
General Promotion Criteria for Students (updated 01.09.2021)
Health and welfare of students
Mobile and Smart Phone Policy 
Mob Phone_Declarations to be signed
Online Safety Policy 
Online safety_Declarations to be signed
Policy on Student Celebration
Reward and Sanctions
School Uniform Policy
School-based Counselling Service
Student Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Policy
First Aid - Health Care  and Administration of Medicines English School Policy

Teaching and Learning:

Remote Teaching and Learning Policy
Assessment and Marking Policy 
Policy regarding Private Lessons
Submission Policy for Common Assessments
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Policy 
The English School Curriculum Policy
The English School Policy on Academic Integrity

Complaints Procedure
ES_Whistleblowing Policy
Safe Recruitment Policy
Photography Policy
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