to The English School
Mr Stuart Walker

The English School has a long and distinguished history of providing an education characterised by an ethos of excellence and preparing young people well with the skills and attributes for meaningful, fulfilling lives. We believe that all children have the right to the best possible education through this commitment to excellence. It is at the very heart of everything we do. We provide an inspiring, challenging and innovative curriculum that is typified by critical thinking, creativity, challenge, compassion and contemplation.
Criticism is the education of the intellect, and we develop understanding and problem-solving skills, sound judgement and constructive criticism within each young person. Creativity is the education of the imagination and seeks to provide opportunities for making connections and seeing the world in different ways. The challenge is the education of the will, developing mental and physical courage, and overcoming one’s fears and limitations. Compassion is the education of emotions, an ability to identify with other people and a willingness to take action to help them when needed. Contemplation is the education of the spirit, where we develop the capacity for wonder and the sense that one is part of something larger than oneself.
Our world is in need of strong, ethical leadership. Young people who accept a vocation to leadership are being asked to take on a combination of blind responsibility, personal sacrifice, isolation and complexity that generations before have not known. Individuals that answer this call to leadership will master their craft in the years to come with an ability to function in environments that change more critically and drastically than ever before.
Learning absolute lessons and “how to” lists will not serve them – a tremendous capacity to learn, adapt and engage ambiguity will. At the core is the ability to simultaneously question and trust themselves in the moments that count. The task of The English School is to take young people with this potential and to make sure that the emergence into the communities that need them most is a silently conscious one.
This ability to develop in each young person their potential has made The English School graduates so strongly sought after by the world’s leading universities. Whilst we are proud of our history and the record of our graduates, we are a forward-looking school providing each young person with the opportunity to find that thing about which they are passionate and develop it to be world-class.
We are also proud to say that the students of The English School make a difference in the local, national and international arenas; they are lifetime ambassadors of our unique legacy. We hope that you, too, will consider having your child join us on this exciting journey and add their own personal story to this legacy.

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