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At The English School, the ethos of excellence is a long-established source of pride for staff, students and our alumni. We believe that being a student of The English School imbues our students with a strong moral compass and a social conscience which will guide them through their lives.     

Students learn early in their school career that they can indeed influence, not only their own but also the destiny of others through hard work, dedication and commitment to learning.   

We  are an outward-looking school.  A global, social and cultural perspective beyond the immediate, is offered to all of our pupils.  We are proud that when they graduate from The English School students can take their places in any country, company or society and be confident in their opinions and  secure in their knowledge.     

Diversity is key in The  English School and we have students from across a wide range of social,  ethnic and religious backgrounds. From the beginning of Year 1, our pupils mingle and mix with their peers from across these diverse backgrounds and they learn to understand differences, find similarities and,  very often, lifelong friends. As a result,  they develop a global outlook which sees them win places in the world’s most prominent universities.                      

The curriculum we offer is also diverse and we are as committed to promoting the Arts as we are to the Sciences, the Social Sciences and to Mathematics. All subject areas are as much valued as the students who wish to study them, and ultimately to forge a career from them.

Of paramount importance to us as a school is building the capacity for leadership in our students.  From their Induction days in Year One through to Year Seven we encourage students to take responsibility for their personal development, support their peers, respect a diversity of views and to become committed to projects and events that they are passionate about, and in which they feel compelled to participate. Our students grow in understanding, knowledge and confidence across many disciplines and topics.  They become spokespeople and representatives for change and development.
At The English School,  our students are committed to building their own future. In doing so they gain an education that is world-class and through which they can make a positive impact on their own destinies and those of others. We are proud to say that our pupils make a difference at local, national and international levels; they are indeed lifetime ambassadors of our unique legacy.

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