Excellence Beyond the Classroom

The English School seeks to provide a wide range of inclusive extra and co-curricular opportunities and consider the full range of educational needs – from exam support to stretching our Gifted and Talented students.
Our founder, Canon Newham, clarified that education was more than classroom learning. As early as the 1900s, he introduced football, cricket and hockey to the boys of The English School and to Cyprus, and was well-known for his “healthy body, healthy mind” approach, a philosophy he held which now seems so far ahead of its time.
As first-year students, their form tutor and the teachers in charge guide children towards choosing activities. Students can join the Activities Fair in September and at different points during the year. We endeavour to ensure that activities for Juniors are inclusive and open to all students without audition or try-outs – the only requirement is interest and a willingness to try. As students progress through the school, activities become more challenging, rewarding and diverse. Our most successful activities are those where the senior students coach and mentor the juniors or which are initiated by the students themselves.
In recent years, our celebrated debate team has travelled to Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong and Canada. Our Thimun delegates travelled to the prestigious Hague International Model United Nations – last year representing Finland. In April 2019, 95 of our art, music and drama students took in all that the beautiful city of Vienna had to offer in the creative and performing arts.
At the heart of the activities for Juniors is our afternoon games programme, where students compete in Houses and are offered various sports activities throughout the year.  Members of the PE department offer professional coaching to our school teams, and we are equally proud of our students who train at clubs and national and Olympic levels. Canon Newham’s original vision is still alive as students learn valuable teamwork and physical fitness lessons.
As much as we pridefully look back on our traditions, we are also innovators and pioneers. For example, we were the first school to introduce a non-competitive Talent Night, and this year, we will be holding our 24th annual performance. Medimun – a Mediterranean Model United Nations Conference was started at the English School and has been hosted by the School since 2006.
Another central part of extracurricular life at The English School is the many charity initiatives which take place all year round. These include collaboration with local charities and NGOs and student-led fundraising and projects. The practical and swift way in which our staff and students respond to local and global events proves that we are caring, active and socially aware members of society.
Our students and teachers work together inside and outside of the classroom to provide experiences and memories to last a lifetime. It all starts with their passion and commitment – together, we can reach for the stars like our Astronomy Club. 


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