The English School Staff List

Staff can be contacted on or telephone: 22799300

Below you will find the following lists:

(a) Senior Leadership Team
(b) Teaching Staff
(c) Support Staff
(d) Form Tutor Lists

Senior Leadership Team:
Name Areas of responsibility
Mr David Lambon
  1. Oversight of the School Development Plan.
  2. Management of UCAS/University entrance programme/Careers.
  3. Health and Safety across the School Site (in conjunction with GEO).
  4. Line Management of 8 Departments: DT, Maths, Physics, Biology, English, History, Music and PE
Mr Yiannis Georgiou
Senior Assistant Head - Pastoral
  1. Pastoral planning and development across the school with specific responsibility for years 6 and 7 (to include American university entrance).
  2. Pupil discipline and conduct.
  3. Management and development of the English Institute
  4. Oversight of Health & Safety (in conjunction with Headmaster) and staff wellbeing.
  5. Designated Safeguarding Lead.
Ms Ursula Pantelides
Senior Assistant Head - Curriculum
  1. Curriculum planning and development (Chair of Curriculum/Academic committee).
  2. Options, timetabling and staff deployment.
  3. Management of Staff Development and appraisal.
  4. Entrance Examination, school marketing and admissions.
Ms Popi Grouta
Assistant Head
1. Co-ordination of teaching and learning and assessment:
  1. Review and consistent implementation across all departments of relevant policies from teaching and learning
    to work scrutiny to effective use of data for departmental targets
  2. Appropriate monitoring of student feedback
  3. Development of T+L group.
2. Management of educational visits (to include appropriate Risk Assessment).
3. Line Management of Lower School Science, Modern Languages and Geography
Ms Anne-Marie Tellalis
Assistant Head
  1. Pastoral Care of Years 4 and 5: development of high-quality PSHCE programme (includes pupil mentoring, appropriate staff development to support pastoral structure and ongoing monitoring of all aspects of pupil performance).
  2. SEN/G&T coordinator-use of data from a. Entrance Examination, b. MidYis/Yellis, c. Classroom assessment, d. External exams.
  3. Development and quality assurance of extra-curricular/co-curricular activities – use of feedback from staff, pupils and parents to include a regular review to ensure pupils from all interest groups have full opportunity to develop.
  4. School council and effective use of Student Voice (4 & 5). Development and review of anti-bullying policy and practice (Y4 & 5).
  5. Graduation Ceremony
Line Management of 1 Department: Art & Design
Ms Elena Ignatiou
Assistant Head
  1.  Pastoral care of Years 1 to 3: development of high-quality PSHCE programme which builds from pupil induction to GCSE Choices (includes pupil mentoring, appropriate staff development to support pastoral structure and monitoring of all aspects of pupil performance).
  2. Development of IT to support teaching and learning (pupil performance and communication with parents – to include further development of portal /VLE or other appropriate mechanisms).
  3. School council and effective use of Student Voice (Y1-3). Development and review of anti-bullying policy and practice (Y1-3).
  4. Line Management of 1 Department: Computer Studies
Ms Maria Rousou
Assistant Head
  1. Public and Internal Examinations and all associated administrations.
  2. Management and development of SIMS (or any future MIS) to assist with academic and pastoral needs.
  3. Founder’s Day activities.
Name and Department Staff Code Responsibility Post Email
Art and Design Department
Mr Christopher Christou  CCR Head of Department
Ms Evanthia Nicou EVN
Biology Department
Dr Maria Koutsoudis  MKO Head of Department
Dr Catherine Panayiotou CPN 5 Yellow Form Tutor
Ms Androulla Parikian APA
Dr Maria Pieri  MPR Lower School Science Coordinator
4 Green Form Tutor
Chemistry Department
Dr Sanjay Hurhangee  SHU Teacher in Charge
Mr Chris Brown BRO
Dr Sophia Michaelidou SMI
Dr Maria Leigh MLE   Maria.
Ms Andromachi Panteli MPN
Mr George Papageorgiou GPA 7 Green Form Tutor
Computing Studies Department
Ms Thekla Papastavrou  TPA Teacher in Charge
Mr Kamil Kutoglu KKU 4 Red Form Tutor
Design and Technology Department
Mr Stelios Theodosiou  THE Head of Department
Ms Olia Antoniadou OAN 4 Yellow Form Tutor
Ms Nicoletta Stavrides STU 4 White Form Tutor
Economics and Business Department
Ms Antoinetta Skordi  ASK Head of Department
Ms Maria Criticos MCR 7 Red Form Tutor
Ms Popi Grouta GRU Assistant Head
Mr Tryfonas Hadjichristoforou THA 7 White Form Tutor
Mr Panayiotis Kkailas PKK 6 Yellow Form Tutor
Mr Demetris Moiseos DMO 3 Black Form Tutor
Ms Christiana Nicolaou CNI 6 Green Form Tutor
English Department
Ms Emily Papandreou EMP Head of Department
Mr Yiannis Georgiou GEO Senior Assistant Head
Designated Safeguarding Lead
Ms Shura Economou ECO Head of Year 6
Ms Areti Hadjigeorgiou AHG
Mr Demos Kaoullas DKA
Dr Selma Karayalcin SKA
Ms Christina Koumandari CKO
Ms Karen Mason Corkhill KMA
Ms Anna Melis AME 3 Green Form Tutor
Ms Ursula Pantelides UPA Senior Assistant Head
Ms Christina Papadopoulos  CPA 5 Green Form Tutor
Ms Maria Papagapiou MAP SENDCO Inclusion Officer
Ms Emily Protopapa PRO
Ms Katerina Ralli KAR 
Ms Alexandra Souroullas ASO 3 White Form Tutor
Geography Department
Mr Harutiun Boyadjian  BOH Head of Department
Mr Nicholas Charalambous NCH
Mr James Lodge JLO
Ms Nastazia Mavromichalou NMA
Global Perspectives Department
Ms Luzdary Hammad-Stavrou LHS 1 Green Form Tutor
Greek Department
Ms Christina Ioakimidou  CIO Head of Department
Ms Andri Ioannou AIO
Ms Ioanna Koronaki IKO
Ms Stavroulla Lofiti SLO 7 Yellow Form Tutor
Ms Niki Melanidou NME Acting Head of Year 5
Ms Marilena Neocleous MAR 5 Red Form Tutor
Ms Ioanna Nicolaou  ION 6 White Form Tutor
Ms Evgenia Nikiforou ENI 5 Black Form Tutor
Ms Eleni Pavlou ELP  6 Red Form Tutor
Ms Maro Polydorou POL  7 Jade Form Tutor
Dr Eva Polyviou EPO Head of Year 2
Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mr Panos Polyzogopoulos PPO
Ms Vivian Polyzogopoulos VPO
Ms Ismini Sakelli ISA
History Department
Ms James Corkhill JCO Head of Department
Ms Sylvana Jamgochian SJA 6 Black Form Tutor
Ms Maria Constantinidou MCN
Ms Maria Rousou MRO Assistant Head
Mathematics Department
Ms Stavroula Mylona Neocleous  SNE Head of Department
Mr Benjamin Boyadjian BBO Responsible for the Timetable
Mr Andreas Demetriou ADN  4 Black Form Tutor
Ms Constantina Constantinou CCN Acting Head of Year 4
Mr Michalis Gavrielides MGA 2 White Form Tutor
Ms Rena Demetriou DMU
Mr Philip Georghiades PGE
Mr Lenos Hadjikos LEH 2 Red Form Tutor
Mr Michael Hadjikos MHA 6 Jade Form Tutor
Ms Myrto Hassapopoulou MYH 3 Red Form Tutor
Ms Elena Ignatiou EIG Assistant Head
Mr Christos Kilaniotis CKI 2nd in-charge
2 Green Form Tutor
Mr Kamil Kutoglu KKU 4 Red Form Tutor
Mr Nicholas Nikandrou NIK
Ms Katerina Papastavrou PAK 6 Red Form Tutor
Ms Maria Pericleous MPE School Photographer
Mr Charis Sisou CSI 3 Yellow Form Tutor
Ms Maryenda Stefanou STM Head of Year 7
Mr George Zannoupas GZA 7 Black Form Tutor
Modern Languages Department
Ms Megan Cottam MEC Head of Department
Ms Stalo Achilleos SAC 2 Black Form Tutor
Mr Stylianos Andreou STN 3 Jade Form Tutor
Ms Vanessa Crambert CRV 1 Red Form Tutor
Ms Chryso Konstantinou CCO 2 Jade Form Tutor
Ms Virginia Rengel Kefala VRE 5 Jade Form Tutor
Music Department
Ms Anne-Marie Tellalis  AMT Assistant Head
Ms Leonie Hadjithoma LHA Teacher in Charge (KS3)
2 Yellow Form Tutor
Ms Monica Theodotou MTH Teacher in Charge (KS4-5)
Physical Education Department
Mr Yiannos Papaioannou  PAP Head of Department
Ms Elena Chrysanthou Yiatrou CHU Head of Year 1
Mr Andreas Ioannou ANI
Ms Rafaella Neocleous RNE  6 White Form Tutor
Mr Xenios Polydorou XPO
Physics Department
Ms Despina Lagos  DLA Head of Department
Mr Charalambos Aristidou CAR 1 Jade Form Tutor
Ms Maria Christodoulou MCH 1 Black Form Tutor
Mr Gregoris Demetriou GDE 1 White Form Tutor
Ms Katie Demetriou KDE Head of Year 3
Dr Christophoros Mannaris CMA 1 Yellow Form Tutor
Mr Christos Symeonides CSY 5 White Form Tutor
Religious Instruction and Religious Education Department
Bishop Chrysostomos FCH
Dr Panayiotis Thoma PTH
Turkish Department
Mr Ulker Uzuner  UUZ Head of Department
Ms Maria Siakalli MSI

Support Staff:
Staff Name Code Title Telephone Email
Ms Souzana Anastasiou SAN MLM General Secretary 22799304
Ms Georgia Kontopirghou GKO Executive Administrator to the Headmaster 22799302
Ms Georgia Argyrou GAR Administration Assistant
(Attendance & Pastoral)
Ms Elena Michaelides  EMI Administration Assistant 22799305 (Notices)
(Update Website and Social Media)
(Communication to Parents/Students)
Ms Angela Pericleous APE Receptionist 22799300
Accounts Department    
Mr Costas Farsides CFA Board Accountant 22799300
Ms Krystallo Adamou KRY Finance Assistant 22799367
Ms Argyro Protopapa ARG Accountant  22799320
Career/Library Department
Ms Natasa Ashioti NAT UCAS & Careers / LRC Manager    22799397
Ms Elena Bashiardes EBA LRC Assistant 22799322
Ms Stella Nicolaou SNI Universities Administrator 22799396
Pastoral Support
Ms  Olivia Kyriacou OKY Counsellor 22799359
Ms Maria Papagapiou MAP SENDCO inclusion Officer 22799357
The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award
Mr Alexis Sofianos ALS Award Centre Coordinator 22799326
Exams, Assessment, Data and Admissions  Department
Ms Elena Kazantzi EGR Exams, Assessment, Data and Admissions 22799303
Ms Christina Kkolou CKK Exams, Assessment, Data and Admissions 22799353
Gym Instructor
Mr Vasileios Tsatsanis VTS Gym Instructor
HR Department  
Ms Lilian Charis Tourapi LTO Human Resource Manager 22799515
ICT Department
Mr Demetris Souroullas DSO ICT Administrator 22799308
Mr Marios Koupepides MKU ICT Technician 22799307
Mr Yiannos Nearchou YNE ICT Technician 22799307
Lab Assistants
Ms Virginia Bakarian VBA Laboratory Assistant 22799333
Ms Nadia Ioannou NIO Laboratory Assistant 22799332
Mr Apostolos Kouroufexis AKO Laboratory Assistant 22799344
School Nurse
Ms Despina Giannikouri DGI School Nurse 22799366
Security Guard
Mr Marios Hadjizorzis MAH Security Guard 22799300
Technical and Grounds Department 
Mr George Venizelou GVE Technical and Grounds Supervisor 22799324
Mr Savvas Charalambous   Worker    
Mr Kyriacos Spyrou   Worker    
Mr Loizos Loizou   Groundsman    
Ms Maria Andreou   Cleaner    
Ms Darina Antonova   Cleaner    
Ms Georgia Kyriacou   Cleaner    
Ms Theodora Kyriacou   Cleaner    
Ms Athinoula Petridou   Cleaner    
Ms Athinoula Roti   Cleaner    
Form Tutor List 2020-2021
 Reg Group Room Form Tutor
Lower School - Ms Elena Ignatiou (Assistant Head i/c )
Ms Elena Chrysanthou-Yiatrou (HoY)  - Telephone ext: 371
1 Black L50 Maria Christodoulou (MCH)
1 Green L43 Luzdary Hammad Stavrou (LHS)
1 Jade L48 Charalambos Aristidou (CAR)
1 Red L41 Vanessa Crambert  (CRV)
1 White L45 Gregoris Demetriou (GDE)
1 Yellow L46 Christophoros Mannaris (CMA)
Dr Eva Polyviou (HoY) - Telephone ext: 334
2 Black NB3 Stalo Achilleos (SAC)
2 Green NB2 Christos Kilaniotis (CKI)
2 Jade NB1 Chryso Constantinou (CCO)
2 Red L49 Lenos Hadjikos (LEH)
2 White MOB7 Michalis Gavrielides (MGA)
2 Yellow L51 Leoni Hadjithoma (LHA)
Ms Katie Demetriou (HoY) - Telephone ext: 185
3 Black NB6 Demetris Moiseos (DMO)
3 Green NB5 Anna Melis (AME)
3 Jade NB4 Stylianos Andreou (STN) -Form tutor only,
PSHCE is done by CCN
3 Red NB7 Myrto Hassapopoulou (MYH)
3 White NB8 Alexandra Souroullas (ASO)
3 Yellow NB9 Charis Sisou (CSI)
Middle School - Ms Anne-Marie Tellalis (Assistant Head i/c)
Ms Constantina Constantinou (HoY) - Telephone ext: 410
4 Black NB10 Andreas Demetriou (AND)
4 Green NB11 Maria Pieri  (MPR)
4 Jade NB12 Ioanna Nicolaou (ION)
4 Red NB13 Kamil Kutoglu (KKU)
4 White NB14 Nicoletta Stavrides (STU)
4 Yellow NB15 Olia Antoniadou (OAN)
Ms Niki Melanidou (HoY) - Telephone ext: 378
5 Black NB16 Evgenia Nikiforou (ENI)
5 Green NB17 Christina Papadopoulos (CPA)
5 Jade NB18 Virginia Rengel Kefalas (VRE)
5 Red NB19 Marilena Neocleous (MAR)
5 White NB20 Christos Symeonides (CSY)
5 Yellow NB21 Catherine Panayiotou (CPN)
Upper School - Mr Yiannis Georgiou (Senior Assistant Head i/c)
Ms Shura Economou (HoY) - Telephone ext: 373
6 Black SB7 Sylvana Jamgochian (SJA)
6 Green SB8 Christiana Nicolaou  (CNI)
6 Jade SB9 Michael Hadjikos (MHA)
6 Red SB10 Eleni Pavlou (ELP)
6 White SB16 Rafaella Neocleous (RNE)
6 Yellow SB17 Panayiotis Kkailas (PKK)
Ms Maryenda Stefanou (HoY) - Telephone ext: 372
7 Black SB11 George Zannoupas (GZA)
7 Green SB12 George Papageorgiou (GPA)
7 Jade SB13 Maro Polydorou (POL)
7 Red MB10 Maria Criticos (MCR)
7 White SB14 Tryfonas Hadjichristoforou (THA)
7 Yellow MB13 Stavroula Lofiti (SLO)
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