Online Record Book

The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award Online Record Book is the online system that helps participants to record their progress through their DofE programme. Please find below instructions on how to use the Online Record Book (ORB).
  1. Adding your activities.
  2. Logging your activities.
  3. How to upload your Record Sheets.
  4. Completing your Adventurous Journey Section.

1. Adding your activities on the ORB​

a. Click on the + sign next to each of the 3 Sections (Physical Recreation, Skills & Voluntary Service) to navigate to the "New Activity" page where you will be able to add the details of your activity.

b. Fill in the following information for each of the 3 activities
  • Activity Type
  • Activity
  • S.M.A.R.T. Goal
  • Assessor's Title
  • Assessor's First Name & Last Name
  • Assessor's Email
  • Assessor's Phone

2. Logging your activities on the ORB

3. How to upload your Record Sheets:
  • After your Award Leader checks and signs your Record Sheets, you should navigate to each Section and upload photos of all the sides of your Record Sheets using the 'UPLOAD FILE' button as shown below.
  • Inform your Award Leader once you upload photos of all your Record Sheets.

4. Completing your Adventurous Journey Section

a. Preparation and Training

Click on Preparation and Training on the left hand side of your ORB homepage as indicated by the red arrow numbered 1 on the below screenshot. Then please navigate to the ACTIVITY tab as indicated by the red arrow numbered 2. You will then see a list of 11 Preparation and Training Activities where you will need to tick a little box and add the date for each of them. After you fill in all these details click UPDATE. The 11 Activities come under the 4 Training Sections you completed as follows:
  1. Understanding of the Adventurous Journey Section
    • Understanding of the Adventurous Journey
    • Team building and leadership training
    • Competency in the mode of travel
    • Observation and recording skills
    • Understanding the impact of the journey on the environment
    • Appreciating the culture within the journey's environment 
  1. First Aid
    • First Aid and emergency procedures 
  1. Camp craft & use of equipment
    • Necessary equipment and how to use it
    • Camp craft, including food and cooking 
  1. Navigation & Route Planning
    • Navigation
    • Route planning

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