Afternoon Games Introduction

Afternoon Games is one of the long-standing traditions of The English School aiming to provide further sporting opportunities to our students within our House system. They participate in various sports activities with younger and older boys and girls under the guidance of their Head of House.  Students are exposed to a wide range of sports and are supervised by the members of the PE Department and our Specialist Afternoon Games Coaches.  They have the opportunity to participate competitively in school sports when they are selected to represent their House, and they also have the chance to develop into leaders, captaining their peers.  Those who prefer a more relaxed, social and fun approach to sports may participate in non-competitive physical recreation activities, through which they can strengthen their friendships and improve their fitness.

Afternoon Games Activities
 We have continued to develop and enrich the programme of activities that we to offer to our students, working with several specialist coaches.  Following feedback from students, we decided to maintain the activities that were introduced in past years, such as Martial Arts/Self –Defence, Dance, Yoga, Handball and various Fitness Classes.  Of course, we will also continue to provide the “tried and tested” options of Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Badminton, Football, Softball, Athletics, Futsal, Hockey and Tennis.

We aim to continuously monitor the activities we provide to ensure that a wide variety of quality sports opportunities are available to our students.  We would be happy to receive feedback from any student/parent on any aspect of the PE Department Afternoon Activities programme.

Afternoon Games Days and Times
 Afternoon Games is a part of the school curriculum, and students in years 1-3 are expected to attend on the relevant days and times.
• Junior Boys Games: Thursday 2:10-3:30 p.m.
• Junior Girls Games: Friday: 2:10-3:30 p.m.
Students leaving the School site whilst waiting for Afternoon Games:
Some students leave the School site in the time between the end of morning lessons and 2.10 p.m. when Afternoon Games begin. There are issues of safety involved but the School cannot prevent students from leaving after the final bell for morning lessons, nor can the School accept any responsibility for anything that may happen whilst students are off-site. There is no direct supervision of students during this time at School, but there are always teachers around or other responsible adults who can help if the need arises. The School advises that students stay on the School site during this time for their own safety since they can use the School Canteen to buy food and drinks.
Changing Rooms and Personal Belongings
Students should use the changing rooms to change into their PE uniforms for their sports lessons and Afternoon Games.  Several lockers are provided in the changing room corridor, where students can secure their valuables using a small padlock of their own (preferably a combination lock).  Following requests from students, we have decided to allow those who wish to take their school and/or sports bags with them to the facility that they will be using for Afternoon Games so that they can better monitor their belongings.
Given that about 250 students will be participating in Afternoon Games each time, then everyone should take special care to look after their belongings and valuables. The PE Department takes no responsibility for valuables that are not secured in the lockers.

Advice to Students
During the Afternoon Games, students are encouraged to use sunscreen and a hat to protect themselves from the sun. Also, it is good practice for everyone to have a water bottle with them, especially during the hotter months of the year, as well as an extra T-shirt to change into at the end of their activity

Absence from Afternoon Games
Afternoon Games is part of the school programme for students in years 1-3, and attendance is expected, as for all other parts of the curriculum.  Students/Parents need to inform the School well in advance of any planned absences from the Afternoon Games to ensure the safety of our students.  Please note that the same established procedures for leaving school early also apply to Afternoon Games:
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