At The English Schoo,l you are joining a long tradition of students who have come to the school and who have enjoyed music, drama, taken instrumental lessons, sung in the choir and performed in plays and musicals.  There are many opportunities to become involved and we have a dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic team of staff ready to make sure all of our students reach their potential.

Music Department

Our vision: “Every child a musician”

In the music department, we work closely with drama and art to ensure every child has access to the creative and performing arts. We have a number of students who go on to further study and several who have successful, fulfilling careers in the performing arts – including some of our own staff.
As well as catering to individual needs for students who are preparing for university entry and auditions, we strongly believe that music is for everyone. Through a combination of curricular and extra-curricular classes, activities and opportunities, our students are prepared for a lifetime of musical enjoyment and appreciation.
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