Departmental vision

The study of a modern foreign language is seen as an integral part of our pupils’ education as languages reflect the cultural richness of our society. Language learning contributes to mutual understanding, a sense of global citizenship and personal fulfilment. It is a lifelong skill for education, employment and leisure. Our department is committed to promoting language learning which is central to the EU’s language policy that every citizen should be competent in at least two foreign languages in addition to their mother tongue.
In year 2, all students study French. From year 3 onwards, the choice of languages includes French, Spanish and German.

Departmental aims and ethos

In terms of its pupils, the department aims to do the following:
  • Prepare them in the best possible way for success in public examinations
  • Enable them to communicate effectively in the target language through speaking and the written word
  • Provide as stimulating an environment as possible for the teaching of languages by using AFL and PLTS in an effective way
  • Prepare them to be independent enquirers by helping them to analyse, evaluate information, consider all aspects of a problem, consider the influence of circumstances, beliefs and feelings on decisions and events and support their conclusions with reasoned arguments and evidence
  • Prepare them to be creative thinkers by helping them to generate ideas and explore all possibilities, ask questions, consider other points of view and adapt ideas as circumstances change
  • Prepare them to be reflective learners by helping them evaluate their strengths and limitations, set themselves realistic goals with criteria for success, monitor their own performance and progress, invite feedback from others and make changes to further their learning
  • Prepare them to be team workers by helping them work confidently with others, adapt to different contexts and take responsibility for their own part
  • Help them to develop a knowledge and understanding of the countries and communities where the target language is spoken
  • Encourage them to appreciate different cultures and values
  • Develop their awareness of current and relevant issues concerning the target language country
  • Establish a suitable foundation for further study of a foreign language

In terms of its staff, the department aims to do the following:

  • Provide ample opportunity for professional development, both within and outside the department
  • Develop a culture of constructive debate, consensus and discussion prior to a decision
  • Provide an intellectually stimulating environment for teachers to develop their skills as classroom practitioners
  • Develop a culture of resource-sharing, teamwork and co-operation to maximise both teacher and pupil potential
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