Career Opportunities

Languages give you the edge in the job market
Today there is a global market for jobs.  It is not necessary to be completely fluent in a foreign language to be an asset to any potential employer.  Knowing how to meet and greet people from other countries and cultures is a valued skill.
Learning languages gives you greater opportunities to travel and work abroad
There are many opportunities to travel or work with organisations abroad where some knowledge of a foreign language is a clear advantage.
Languages combine well with virtually any subject for further study
The range of combined degrees and further education courses involving a language is limitless – from Accountancy with Russian to Theatre Studies with Italian. Many universities even offer funding for students to continue or extend their language knowledge by travelling or working abroad during the vacations.
Having language skills is an extremely valuable asset not only in language-based careers. For example:
  • Management and Business Administration
  • Finance - banks, accountancy firms and insurance companies often offer opportunities to work with foreign clients.
  • Medicine and Science-related careers
  • Academic careers (international research at universities and institutions.
  • Law - many law firms have international offices, and fluency in different languages can facilitate interaction with foreign clients.
  • Sales and marketing
  • ICT related professions
  • Working for international organisations such as the EU or UN
  • Tourism and Service industries
  • Interpreting and Translating
  • Teaching
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