Career Opportunities

Learning your mother tongue can help you understand your history and background. In addition, learning Greek as a foreign language can be an advantage for your future endeavours. At the end of your academic studies in The English School, you will have access to a wide range of career and higher education opportunities.

There are many occupations connected with the Greek language. You can pursue many career opportunities with all the qualifications we offer in Greek. First of all Greek is a necessary requirement for any job in the public sector in Cyprus, from becoming a teacher to working in any Ministry. Greek is required if you plan to become a doctor or follow any other occupation that is linked to Medicine.  It is also used in Law if you are planning to become a Solicitor, both Commercial and Non-Commercial or a Legal Assistant.

Learning Greek generally possess high levels of literacy and critical thinking abilities, so it is often suited for careers in communications, particularly advertising, marketing and PR. Other careers include journalism, such as Newspaper or Broadcast Journalist. Even if you are planning to work in Sales, Marketing, Advertising being a confident user of the Greek language can be of an asset.  Library work, Business, Media and the Internet are some more occupations linked to the Greek language.

Greek is also useful for any occupation related to Theatre and Performance. Greek and history are always connected so the Greek language will be useful if you pursue a career as a historian or an archaeologist or if you wish to work within museums and historical organisations. Finally, Greek can help you become good researchers if you wish to pursue a profession in Academia.

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