Departmental vision

The Turkish Department aspires to produce distinguished graduates who are very well informed and knowledgeable about the positive aspects and values of the Turkish Language & Literature as well as Turkish culture.
The Turkish Department is an integral part of the English School. The basic goal of the Department is to educate the Turkish Cypriot students to use their mother tongue in the right way, to enable them to understand, interpret and narrate what they read and bring them up as productive, thinking and questioning individuals.
Its department’s crucial mission is to provide students with the communicative tools they need in order to become successful users of Turkish at an advanced level. All students follow a course of studies in both Turkish Language and Turkish Literature until end of Year 5 when they sit for AL level Turkish examination in June exam period. The underlying philosophy of the Department is that all students extend their proficiency in Turkish, both orally and written, as well as to learn about the Turkish language in a worldwide and multicultural context.

Departmental aims and ethos

The aims of the Turkish Department is developing and updating the Turkish Language and Literature teaching methods in a way which guarantees to produce graduates with special capabilities, which will enable them to be competitive in the academic and in the professional business market.
Our ethos is to maintain a department that is regarded as equal to any in terms of its relevance of teaching and research, its quality of support and facilities and the learning opportunities and working experience it offers.
Turkish Department
  • Continuously updating the Departmental Scheme of works and Syllabuses to cope with the highly technological era.
  • Supplementing the local community and the business market with graduates who are capable enough to meet their needs.
  • Training students to use their Turkish and English Language skills for communicating and for acquiring knowledge.
  • Developing students’ critical and creative thinking and training them to be tolerant and respect contradictory points of view.
  • Encouraging more students to study Turkish by setting good examples of both the Department graduates and its teaching staff.
We aspire to values which are based on the highest professional and academic standards in terms of personal growth and satisfaction offered to our staff and students, growth and excellence in what we do, teamwork that is based on respect, trust and integrity, and innovation to promote growth.
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