Physics is about how everything around us works. Everything in life, on this planet, other planets, to the far reaches of the universe and beyond is Physics. Physics is involved from the most simple yet important jobs like switching on the lights, swimming, playing sports and… walking to the most complicated like rocket propulsion, nuclear power and nanotechnology!
Studying Physics helps to think logically and solve problems, gather evidence to prove your argument and analyse and communicate complex ideas. Physics has innumerable benefits in the long-run such as enhanced problem-solving skills.
Lessons are a combination of both theory and experimental work. Physics has a strong practical element and the examinations at AS and A2 Level include practical assessment. Teachers provide support and encouragement throughout the course so that you can achieve your full potential.

Departmental vision 

To inspire and educate the next generation of citizens, scientists and engineers.  To install critical thinking skills, and scientific methodology in our students that will equip them to be able to adapt to the rapid developments in society, technology and their careers.  

Departmental aims and ethos

  • To develop student ability to apply physics principles learnt in class too many everyday applications.
  • To enable students to develop independent learning skills.
  • To ensure all students have hands-on experience of practical and experimental work.
  • To nurture curiosity and the use of the scientific method.
  • To facilitate student progression, so that they perform to the best of their ability, ensuring that they meet their targets in both physics lessons and exams.
  • To aid students to synthesise and combine skills from other disciplines, such as Mathematics and English in order to develop well-rounded individuals.
  • To stimulate students above and beyond the syllabus through extracurricular physics-related activities.
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