Mission Statement

The English School exists to promote academic excellence through high-quality processes of teaching and learning. The school seeks to maximise individual potential by providing rich and engaging educational experiences and challenges, supported by talented and trained staff, in a safe and caring environment and using modern pedagogical techniques and new technologies.

The English School student is an articulate, autonomous, life-long learner who is developing the cognitive skills to think critically and creatively, to evaluate information and to collaborate with staff and other students in order to assess his/her own attainment and progress.

The school is committed to the principle of equal opportunities for all and seeks to uphold the rights of every individual within the school community. It celebrates diversity and its ethos is one of trust, mutual respect and understanding of each other’s culture, ethnicity, religion, gender and individual needs.

The English School’s main goal is to prepare students to access the highest quality tertiary education and to become global and democratic citizens, empowered to adopt key leadership roles in their adult lives.

The school motto is ‘Non sibi sed scholae’ which means that students should be proud to be a member of the school and put the school community and other people before their own needs.

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