Years 1&2 – KS3 Mathematics
In the first and second years, students follow a general course in Mathematics. The textbooks used for years 1 and 2 are the Maths Frameworking 3rd edition by Collins Year 1, 2 and 3 Pupil Book 3. These textbooks include Functional Mathematics,   ICT resources and investigations and they match the Revised KS3 Framework (National Curriculum UK).  The aim is to prepare students for the IGCSE course and allow students to enjoy and appreciate Mathematics.

Years 3&4 – IGCSE Mathematics
In the third year, students begin the IGCSE course using the textbook ‘Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) Mathematics A Student Book 1’.  In the fourth year, they continue with ‘Edexcel International GCSE (9-1) Mathematics A Student Book 2’. These textbooks aim to prepare pupils for the higher tier of the IGCSE course and cover key stage 4 of the National Curriculum (UK). The examination is taken through Edexcel, the Examination Board of the University of London.
At the end of the fourth year, students take the higher tier of the IGCSE examination.
The IGCSE examination consists of two external written examination papers of equal weight.
Students will be expected to have access to a suitable electronic calculator for both examination papers.
The IGCSE course covers the following areas of Mathematics:
•   Using and Applying Mathematics
•   Number and Algebra
•   Shape, Space and Measures
•   Handling Data.

Students are encouraged to use mental calculation wherever appropriate but are also taught how to use calculators when dealing with problems involving more complex calculations.
Years 5 – AQA Level 2 Further Mathematics
The Level 2 Certificate in Further Mathematics qualification fills the gap for high achieving students by assessing their higher-order mathematical skills, particularly in algebraic reasoning, in greater depth without infringing upon AS Level mathematics, thus preparing them fully to maximise their potential in further studies. It offers the opportunity for stretch and challenge that builds on the Key Stage 4 curriculum and is intended as an additional qualification to the IGCSE Mathematics, rather than as a replacement.
The content assumes prior knowledge of the Key Stage 4 Programme of Study and covers the areas of algebra and geometry, which are crucial to further study in the subject, in greater depth and breadth. This new qualification places an emphasis on higher-order technical proficiency, rigorous argument and problem-solving skills. It also gives an introduction to calculus and matrices and develops further skills in trigonometry, functions and graphs.
At the end of the fifth year, all students take the AQA Level 2 Further Maths examination.
Years 6 & 7 – AS-Level and A-Level Mathematics / Further Mathematics

Qualifications: AS-Level in Mathematics (8MA0)* and/or A-Level in Mathematics (9MA0)

This course is recommended for students planning to follow university courses in Architecture, Physics, or Aeronautical / Civil / Mechanical Engineering, Accountancy, Actuarial Studies, Business Management, Economics, Biology, Geography, Environmental Studies, Medicine, Social Studies, and Statistics.
Knowledge of elementary Mechanics to IGCE Physics standard is recommended for this course.
* For students who do not continue with their maths in the 7th form.
AS-Level in Mathematics (8MA0) and A-Level in Mathematics (9MA0)
AS-Level in Further Mathematics (8FMA0) and A-Level in Further Mathematics (9FMA0)
The course is aimed at those students thinking of studying Mathematics, engineering and other related subjects at university where universities are willing to accept or need two A-Levels in Mathematics.  It is important to note the following:
•   Students should only take this course if they have an aptitude for Mathematics.
•    Students who will be taking the two A-Levels in Mathematics will only be able to choose two other AS-Levels in the 6th form and only one other A-Level in the 7th form
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