Overview & Tuition Fees

Along with its views on teaching and learning, the curriculum of a school is at its heart.  The curriculum is, quite simply, the planned programmes of study that the school organizes for its pupils.  

It is interesting to reflect that the origin of the word “curriculum” lies in the Latin word for a “race”.   It often seems to be the case that our young learners are in some sort of race to achieve certain outcomes within an allotted time period though we hope we never find ourselves thinking in terms of “winners” and “losers”.

Any curriculum will be a kind of compromise between a number of competing demands and restrictions.  

These may include:
  • What the school community wants its pupils to learn
  • What society needs its future employees to learn
  • What financial resources are available
  • What personnel resources are available
  • What time resources are available

Thus, any curriculum (ours included), is likely to be, at any time, imperfect.  For these reasons, the curriculum is under constant review through the mechanism of the Curriculum Committee, a group of the school’s most senior and experienced education professionals.  

Tuition Fees

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