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Welcome to the 2019 showcase of Design & Technology examination project work of our GCSE, AS and A2 students. At The English School, we are privileged to be one of the few schools on the island which follow a Design & Technology course and are proud to have students who demonstrate an exceptionally wide range of skills – from developing creative and innovative concepts through to constructing high-quality design ideas. It is a credit to all the students who have worked hard to achieve the desired outcome and through their practical work and well presented Folio of the design features and production processes, have shown to be extremely articulate and skilful in realising their designs in 3-D.

F1 in schools offered through the Design & Technology department, is a way to learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) related subjects in such an exciting way is achieving great results and we know we are increasing the intake of students into, Engineering careers. We are privileged to have the support of the Formula 1 community – in particular Mr Chase Carey and, of course, the Formula 1 teams who make our students welcome in the F1 paddock and in their factories if you are able to reach the World finals.
There are many success stories of students who have actually come through this initiative and have gone on to achieve significant outcomes in their lives including positions in Formula 1 teams.  

F1 in Schools entry class is open to all 2nd-year students as part of their Design & Technology lessons. The challenge is simply to design, make and race innovative F1 car based on the regulations set, using a combination of design and make skills and CAD / CAM software. F1 in Schools the only global multi-disciplinary challenge in which teams of students aged 9 to 19 deploy CAD/CAM software to collaborate, design, analyse, manufacture, test, and then race miniature compressed air powered cars made from F1 model block.  
Teams must raise sponsorship and manage budgets to fund research and the needs of the team. The challenge inspires students to use IT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership/teamwork, media skills and financial strategy, and apply them in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way.

This is by far, largest and most successful school-based STEM program in the world and we at The English School, will continue to grow on our success. 

Click here to see a selection of Design & Technology- Product Design GCSE examination work 2019

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