Delivery Schedules

Dear Parents/Guardians

During these difficult and uncertain times when our students are being educated remotely, it is becoming increasingly important that home-school cooperation be strengthened in order to provide the children with the much-needed support required. I am sure that both school and parents have a common goal, which is none other than working together towards achieving positive learning outcomes for our students.

The school wants to enhance this partnership by providing you with the tools that will enable you to support and guide your children as they are learning from home.

Further to the guidelines to parents provided in the Remote Teaching and Learning Policy, recently circulated, we are making available the delivery schedules for every subject studied for Years 1-7 which you can below.

The delivery schedules will provide you with information about courses currently delivered with syllabus coverage extending to the end of the current academic year. These schedules also indicate the timeline for course completion and the timings of Common Assessments.
You can also access information on Common Assessments on the CA tool.

This information will help in supporting your children keep on task, stay focused and plan their revision effectively.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.
Popi Grouta
Assistant Head

   Year 1 Delivery Schedule (2020-2021 Term 2 & 3)

   Year 2 Delivery Schedule (2020-2021 Term 2 & 3)

   Year 3 Delivery Schedule (2020-2021 Term 2 & 3)

   Year 4 Delivery Schedule (2020-2021 Term 2 & 3) Updated 9.2.2021

   Year 5 Delivery Schedule (2020-2021 Term 2 & 3)

   Year 6 Delivery Schedule (2020-2021 Term 2 & 3) Updated 9.2.2021

   Year 7 Delivery Schedule (2020-2021 Term 2 & 3) Updated 9.2.2021
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