Welcome to the Health section of The English School.

The health and well being of our students at The English School is overseen by a Registered Nurse. The role of the School Nurse is to optimize the health and well being of every student by working alongside Parents, Guardians and the Pastoral Team in supporting the health needs of individuals.

The School Nurse keeps First Aid equipment for accidents and injuries that happen during the school day. First Aid kits are also kept in the Science Building, Art Room, Lloyd’s Building and P.E department. Travel First Aid kits are available to staff for school trips and off site activities.  Accidents are reported to the Health and Safety Officer and Headmaster.

The School Nurse also participates in the Personal, Health and Social Education of our students by providing presentations and workshops on health related issues and will give presentations to teachers on relevant health topics such as allergies, asthma, diabetes and epilepsy.

The nurse can be contacted on: nurse@englishschool.ac.cy or by calling the school on:22799366.
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