Megan Cottam (Head of Department)
Megan Cottam has been Head of Modern Languages since January 2020. She graduated with BA Hons in French and Music from Liverpool Hope University College and went on to study for the CAPES anglais at the IUFM Poitiers before completing the GTP with QTS in French.  She has taught languages in the UK since 2002.
Vanessa Crambert
Vanessa Crambert is of French nationality and obtained a Licence Lea (Langues Étrangères Appliquées) from Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle. She went on to do a Masters in International Communication and then a Licence FLE (Français langue étrangère) from Grenoble. She joined the English School in Sept 2013 and is now a part-time teacher of French. 

Virginia Rengel-Kefala
Virginia Rengel-Kefala joined the English School in 2008 as a  teacher of Spanish.
She is of Venezuelan origin and was educated in Venezuela, USA and Spain where she studied Marketing and teaching of Spanish as a foreign language. 
Stylianos Andreou      
Stylianos Andreou was educated at the University of Leipzig where he obtained his degree in German as a foreign language and East Slavic languages. He joined the English School in September 2016 as a visiting teacher and is now a part-time teacher of German.
Chryso Konstantinou
Chryso Konstantinou holds a BA in History and Archaeology, a Master’s degree in teaching Spanish as a foreign language from Granada and a BA in language studies (Spanish and English) from the UK Open University. She has taught at the school in the past and we were happy to welcome her back in Jan 2019 as a teacher of Spanish.
Chrystalla Achilleos
Chrystalla Achilleos holds a BA in Hispanic Studies from Queen Mary College and a PGCE in Spanish and French from Nottingham. Chrystalla joined the school in Sept 2018 as a teacher of Spanish.
Maria Pantelidou-Lenou
 Holds a degree and Master’s in teaching German as a foreign language (Daf) with minors in English and Education from the university of Bielefeld in Germany. She taught at the school in 2018-2020 as a teacher of German and is returning in September 2021 as maternity cover for German.
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