Year 6 & 7
  • AQA A-level History Coursework Workbook: Component 3 Historical investigation (non-exam assessment) Keith Milne, Hodder
  •  The Suez Crisis, Anthony Gorst & Lewis Johnman. Routledge
  • OXFORD A Level History for AQA: Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy 1603-1702, David Farr Oxford University Press (Nelson Thornes)
  • OXFORD A Level history for AQA: Democracy and Nazism: Germany 1918-1945, Robert WhitfieldOxford University Press
  • 1D Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy, 1603-1702, Angela Anderson and Dale Scarboro Hodder      
  • Access to History: Democracy and Nazism: Germany 1918-45 for AQA, Geoff Layton, Hodder

Year 4&5            
  • Edexcel International GCSE A Divided Union: Civil Rights in the USA, 1945–70, Kirsty Taylor, Pearson 2017
  • Edexcel International GCSE Dictatorship and Conflict in the USSR, 1924–53, Simon Taylor,               Pearson 2017   
  • Edexcel International GCSE The Soviet Union in Revolution, 1905–24, Rob Bircher, Pearson 2017
  • Edexcel International GCSE The Changing Role of International Organisations: the League and the UN, 1919–2011, Georgina Blair,   Pearson 2017

Year 3
SHP Discovering the Past year 8: Societies in Change, Colin Shepherd, Chris Hinton, John Hite and Tom Lomas, John Murray

Year 2
SHP History Year 7, Ian Dawson and Maggie Wilson, Hodder        

Year 1
Ancient Egypt in 30 seconds, Cath Senker, IVY KIDS
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