Career Opportunities

What can I do with a degree in History?
Students who study AS or/and A2 level History will have access to a wide range of career and higher education opportunities.  By the end of the course you will have learned how to evaluate and analyse information, how to weigh up evidence and how to communicate complex ideas effectively. 
Law and Accountancy jobs with a history degree / history majors:
Due to their solid foundation in research and analysis, history graduates often pursue careers in law, especially if their degree is combined with political history or science. Careers include Solicitor, both Commercial and Non-Commercial, Legal Assistant and Accountant.
History combines well with Mathematics and Science subjects to create an attractive portfolio of qualifications, enabling a student to move on to a university science-based course.  Combined with English and a modern foreign language it would provide a good basis for an Arts or Language-based degree.
Research jobs with a history degree / history major:
Many history graduates move into careers as researchers, drawing on their skills in evaluating and analysing documentary evidence. Such work can be within museums and historical organisations.
Careers in history: Industry and Commerce
Coupling your studies in history with a Business Studies minor or direct business experience opens the gateway to many jobs in industry and commerce, including retail and finance. General commercial careers include Manager and Research Analyst. Marketing and Sales-related careers include Marketing Officer, Sales Representative or Executive, Retail and Buying. Financial Services careers include Insurance Agent and Banker.
History graduates generally possess high levels of literacy and critical thinking abilities, so are often suited to careers in communications, particularly advertising, marketing and PR. Other careers include journalism, such as Newspaper or Broadcast Journalist.
Academia and Education
Schools, colleges and universities employ many history graduates. Working as a Research Assistant or Researcher at College and University levels is one option, often combined with lecturing work, which might in turn lead to a career as a history professor.
Teaching history as a subject for 11 to 18 year olds is a career chosen by many. A post-graduate teaching certificate is needed.
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