A2 students are expected to attend the ecology field-trip to Akamas. This is a two-day trip where the students, under the guidance and supervision of their teachers, undertake a fresh-water and a rocky-shore investigation using a variety of sampling techniques. During the trip, the students’ practical skills are assessed as part of their overall performance. 


‘Reaching your full potential in biology’ club

Biology teachers are available to help students in years’ 5 and 7 who are having difficulties with the IGCSE or A level syllabus covered during their morning lessons. The club aims to support, guide and enhance the achievement of biology students. Students can attend on a need to basis or following advice by their teacher. Students attending would be expected to come prepared with their books, notes and their questions. We encourage students to e-mail their questions to the e-mail a few days before the session.

Medicine Club

The members of this club have the opportunity to explore the roles of different types of physicians and health care providers, present and discuss current topics in medicine, familiarize with the interview requirements, and the demands of relevant exams such as BMAT and UCAT.  English School leavers, currently studying medicine, contribute to the club by offering valuable information and guidance.


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