ART AND DESIGN Supplies needed
Compulsory materials for all students
  • Please make sure that all the art materials are safely stored in your A3 folder and brought to each lesson.
  • If you already own some or all of the materials listed above, then there is no need to purchase them again.
  • If you run out of or lost any of the materials, then just replenish whatever you are missing.
(1)  A3 folder (portfolio type plastic folder to fit lesson materials, including the A3 sketchbook) To be purchased from any Bookstore/stationery store.
(2)  A3 sketchbook (Yellow cover)
(3)  Sketching pencils (set of 8-9 pencils, ranging from H to 8B or 9B)
(4)  Writing pencils x2 (HB)
(5)  Fine liner colouring pens (set of various different colours)
(6)  Colouring pencils (set of various different colours)
(7)  Eraser
(8)  Sharpener
(9)  Long ruler (30cm)
(10)  Glue (UHU stick)
(11) Watercolour set (dry palette type)
(12) Small round brush
(13) Medium flat brush
(14) Scissors
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