International Certifications for SCUBA and APNEA
Life is either a daring adventure or nothing - Helen Keller.
Scoring for Change: The Futsal Tournament Fundraiser
Love sports? Come play at our Scoring for Change Futsal Tournament and help support refugees in Cyprus!
The English School Astronomy Club will be taking part in EARTH HOUR
Lights off... because it's worth saving I VOTE earth! - Unknown
Support our Students: VOTE for their Logo
Junior Achievement
Inspiring the youth of today to create a world full of possibilities.
Congratulations to our Cambridge offer holders
First, THINK, second BELIEVE, third DREAM and finally DARE - Walt Disney
Masterclass: ‘Revise to Maximise’.
Workshop for Year 6 and 7 students to boost preparation for and performance of GCE A Level Exams
Celebrate Tsiknopempti on Thursday 3rd March
Thursday 3rd March – Non Uniform Day
Celebrate Tsiknopempti on Thursday 3rd March by coming out of uniform and at the same time donating €2 to the Charity Alkionides.
Arranged by the Student Council 
Erasmus+ 7 EU country school teachers’ meeting at the English School Nicosia
Coming together is the BEGINNING, Keeping together is PROGRESS, Working together is SUCCESS - Henry Ford
The New Newham building finally a reality!
A little progress every day adds up to BIG results - Satya
Drop by Drop Club - Bake Sale
Even the smallest contributions helps!
Update on UK University Applications for September 2016
An outstanding outcome so far for our students and their UK university applications for September 2016, even by English School standards! 
The "Feeling Good" Musical
Count down to "Feeling Good"!!!
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