Drop by Drop Club - Bake Sale
Even the smallest contributions helps!
The "Feeling Good" Musical
Count down to "Feeling Good"!!!
Today is Sports Day
In order to succeed, your desire for success must be greater than your fear of losing... 
Prospective Parent Meeting on 10th February 2016, Video Recording.
You can view a summary of the evening here!
Safer Internet Day
Today is marked as "Safer Internet Day", a day that is very important to our school and students. Safer Internet Day is celebrated every year across Europe and in other counties worldwide.
Health Announcement
Do you have everything you need to fight the flu?
Bone Marrow Donor Registry
15 people each hour are diagnosed with a blood cancer.
You could be their hero... you could be the cure!
Sports Week Starts 4th February
On your mark, get set, GO... 
Hair Donation Day
Hair Donation for children suffering from cancer and charity hair shave for the financial support of the KARAISKAKIO FOUNDATION.
Maths Relay Competition

Dare to dream... dare to try!

Option Choices for 2016/2017
Submitting Options to the School
Pancyprian School Badminton and Swimming Competition Registrations now open
Pancyprian Schools Badminton Competition: 15th February 2016 All Forms
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