Live jazz concert by Alex Drakos Quartet at The English School
On Sunday, 3rd October at 20:00, the English School celebrated the start of a new school year with a unique acoustic concert by the Alex Drakos Quartet in the school courtyard.
Statement by the Board of Management of the English School
Following the negotiations with the English School Staff Association (ESSA), the Board of Management issued the statement below. 
Participation in the 2021 Balkan equestrian jumping championship held in Athens 16-19 September 2021
In September 2021, based on their achievements and performance in international shows over the summer of 2021, Maria Ellen (Marlen), Vafeades (Year 4)  and Petros Georgiou (Year 2)  participated in the 2021 Balkan Equestrian Jumping Championship.
Live jazz concert by the Alex Drakos Quartet @ The English School
On Sunday, 3rd  October at 20:00, we are celebrating the start of a new school year with a unique acoustic concert by the Alex Drakos Quartet in our school courtyard.
Graduation Ceremony
The graduation ceremony for the English School Leavers of 2021 took place in the Newham quadrangle of the School grounds on Wednesday 30th June.
Success for our own Eleni Polyviou (4W) in International Equestrian Events!
This summer, Eleni competed in a number of international showjumping events in Europe organised by the International Equestrian Federation, winning 2 Gold medals in Greece, a Gold medal in Italy, a Silver medal in Bulgaria and a Bronze medal in Hungary, all CSI* (Concours de Saut International star system)
Cyprus to honour ‘Father of Fetal Medicine’ Dr Kypros Nicolaides
​Paphos-born professor Kypros Nicolaides who is worldwide renowned as ‘Father of Fetal Medicine’ was recently awarded the Grand Cross of Makarios III – Cyprus’ highest civilian honour.
Instrumental Music Programme 2021-22
Registrations for the Instrumental Music Programme are now open!
Two Cellos Live streaming recital
Τhe A. G. Leventis Gallery is always providing the public with cultural events that are accessible even through a smartphone!
Back to the Stage
Joın us for a lıve recıtal celebratıng musıc wıth performances by our Talented Musıc Students
June 24th at 7 pm ın the School's Hall
Economics Revision lessons sponsored by Hellas Direct
We are very pleased to announce that the Economics Department will offer revision sessions in September for all Year 6 Economics students going to Year 7.  The sessions are sponsored by Hellas Direct. 
Elections your vote counts
COVID-19 will not stop the elections at The English School!.  One of our candidates needed to self-isolate therefore our Boy Candidates prepared individual promo videos.  
Good luck to all the student candidates.
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