Empowering SEN Students Through Metacognitive Strategies
In an exciting development for our educational community, Dr Niki Melanidou, a dedicated Greek Teacher, SENCo - Inclusion Officer at The English school has recently published an illuminative article in "The International Educator (TIE)". This article, titled "Metacognitive Strategies for Supporting SEN Students", delves into innovative techniques designed to enhance the learning experiences of students with special educational needs (SEN).
Celebrating Excellence: Our Students to Represent Cyprus in Prestigious International Mathematics Competitions
We are immensely proud to announce that several of our outstanding students have been selected to represent Cyprus in various prestigious international mathematics competitions. This significant achievement highlights our students' talent and hard work and the exceptional quality of our Enrichment program.
Erasmus+ Trip to Helsinki, January 2024
From January 21st to 27th, 2024, eight Year 3 students, along with Mrs. Leoni Hadjithoma, Erasmus+ coordinator, and Mr. Ahmet Aslim from the Turkish Department, embarked on a deeply enriching educational journey to Helsinki, Finland. This trip, part of the Erasmus+ initiative focusing on "Developing European Identity and Soft Skills," brought together participants from across Europe to explore cultural diversity and enhance personal and interpersonal skills.
Remembering Michalis Karaolis: A Legacy of Valor and Virtue
On Thursday, 16th May, we gathered to honour the memory of Michalis Karaolis, an alumnus of The English School, whose life was tragically cut short during the EOKA struggle for Cypriot independence. His bravery and commitment continue to inspire us all.
Erasmus+ Trip to Rome, March 2024
From March 4th to 8th, 2024, eight enthusiastic Year 3 students, accompanied by Mr. Ahmet Aslim from the Turkish Department and Mrs. Tereza Andreou, our Lab Assistant, embarked on an inspiring journey to Rome, Italy.  
Celebrating Europe Day - A Journey Through Erasmus+
Today, on Europe Day, we celebrate unity, peace, and the opportunities the European Union provides its citizens. One shining example of these opportunities is the Erasmus+ program, which has opened doors to learning, teaching, and growing beyond our borders.
The English School Shines at the sCYence Fair 2024
We are proud to announce that The English School participated in the Cyprus Institute's "sCYence Fair" for the fifth time on April 17th, 2024. This annual event is a cornerstone for celebrating science and technology across Cyprus, providing a unique platform for our students to showcase their innovative projects and research.
Kings & Queens of The English School Chess Tournament
On Sunday, April 14th, The English School Nicosia proudly hosted a dynamic chess tournament, attracting 70 participants spanning from 6 to 18 years old from schools all over the island.
Triumph and Teamwork: Our School's Proud Presence at the 25th March Nicosia Parade
We are delighted to share the spirited involvement of The English School's Parade Team in the recent 25th March Schools Parade held in the heart of Nicosia. Last Monday, the city centre's streets were filled with our students' energy and pride, marching in step and representing our school's legacy and community spirit.
Happy World Theatre Day from The English School!
Join us in celebrating the magic of theatre today! At The English School, we're proud to showcase our very own original theatre production, 'The Crinolettes'.
Euromath & Euroscience Conference in Rome Success!
We are thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of our school's delegation at the Euromath & Euroscience Conference held in Rome the past week! 
Announcement of 2024-2025 Entrance Examination Scholarships
We are thrilled to announce the recipients of the prestigious scholarships for the upcoming academic year 2024-2025. These scholarships are awarded based on exceptional performance in the Entrance Examinations. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the deserving recipients who have demonstrated outstanding academic prowess. Below are the details of the scholarships and the deserving students who have been honoured.
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