Supporting Our Students

20 May 2023

Success = Motivation (GM) + Strategy +Habit
Success = Motivation (GM) + Strategy +Habit
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The TLC (Teaching and Learning Community) has actively supported our students in their educational journey. 

Over the past two years, as part of the PSHCE (Personal, Social, Health, and Citizenship Education) program, a series of workshops were conducted to enhance students' learning abilities.

During these workshops, all students were introduced to the functions of the brain and the workings of memory. They gained a deep understanding of the importance of spaced and interleaved revision techniques for achieving success. Moreover, students were exposed to various study techniques that could assist them in revising effectively and completing their homework assignments.

Specifically, students were guided on how to utilize mind maps, flashcards, and other review techniques to condense their notes and review study material. Many students have embraced these methods and have experienced notable progress as a result.

During a recent assembly in Year 6, some students showcased their effective use of mind maps and flashcards while preparing for their IGCSE exams, resulting in outstanding academic achievements. Additionally, many lower school students in Years 1-3 have adopted these methods as they prepare for common assessments and exams.

We are delighted to witness the positive impact of these strategies on our students' learning outcomes. The TLC remains committed to providing ongoing support and guidance to enhance the educational experience of our students further.

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