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09 Sept. 2022

Niki Melanidou
Niki Melanidou
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​Niki Melanidou graduated in July 2022 with a PhD in Education from the Department of Education at the University of Cyprus under the supervision of Dr Mary Koutselini. 

The title of her thesis is “Coaching for applying Differentiated Teaching and Learning based on indicators of success and proficiency in teaching Greek as a second language”. Her thesis was based on three axes: training teachers with particular reference to guidance/coaching, differentiated teaching and learning, and teaching the Greek language as a second language.
Niki Melanidou has already presented her work at two Global Conferences (Chair and Presenter at IISES Conferences, University of London, May 2019 / 2nd Global Conference on Education and Teaching, Athens, December 2021).
Niki is currently considered a Special Teaching Scientist at the University of Cyprus. She is writing articles about effective teaching methods and preparing for more presentations in Cyprus and other European Countries. Her work will soon be posted on her FB page Teaching&Learning@pedagogy.cy    

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