Exceptional Achievements at the Cypriot Physics Olympiads

03 Jun. 2024

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Our Students Excel in National Physics Competitions
On April 14th, our students participated in the 19th and 38th Cypriot Physics Olympiads, demonstrating their deep understanding of physics through exceptional performances and securing multiple medals across different age categories.

Overview of the Competitions:
The Cypriot Physics Olympiads are renowned for challenging young minds with rigorous physics problems that require knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking. Participation in these competitions reflects our commitment to high academic standards and our students' dedication to excelling in their educational pursuits.

Achievements at the 19th Olympiad:

  • Andreas Savva (Year 1) - Awarded Silver for his outstanding problem-solving skills.
  • Orestis Iacovou (Year 1) - Earned a Bronze, showcasing his growing proficiency in physics.
  • Georgios Lioudakis (Year 2) - Secured Silver, building on his consistent performance in physics.
  • Alexios Hadjigregoriou (Year 3) also took home Silver, demonstrating an advanced understanding and application of physical concepts.
Achievements at the 38th Olympiad:
Giorgos Gavriil (Year 4) - Achieved Silver, reflecting his hard work and preparation.
Ara Mahdessian (Year 6) - Won Gold as a top performer with exemplary knowledge and skill.

The medalists expressed their gratitude for the support from their teachers and peers, noting that the preparation for these competitions was intense but incredibly rewarding. 

The success at the Cypriot Physics Olympiads underscores our school's excellence in fostering a scientific mindset among students. These achievements bring pride to our community and inspire other students to engage deeply with the sciences.

We are excited to support our students in upcoming competitions and continue promoting a culture of academic excellence and curiosity. We believe these experiences are invaluable in shaping the scientists, engineers, and innovators of tomorrow.

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