The English School Shines at the sCYence Fair 2024

24 Apr. 2024

Participation at sCYence Fair 2024
Participation at sCYence Fair 2024
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We are proud to announce that The English School participated in the Cyprus Institute's "sCYence Fair" for the fifth time on April 17th, 2024. This annual event is a cornerstone for celebrating science and technology across Cyprus, providing a unique platform for our students to showcase their innovative projects and research.

A Celebration of Scientific Curiosity and Innovation
The sCYence Fair is not just a competition; it's a festival of knowledge, where future scientists and technologists meet to exchange ideas. Our students had the invaluable opportunity to engage directly with leading scientists, attend enlightening lectures, and participate in stimulating activities designed to stretch their understanding and curiosity in the sciences.

Exceptional Student Achievements
Our teams performed exceptionally well, presenting research on cutting-edge topics ranging from exoplanets to psychology and biology. Their hard work and dedication were evident through their articulate presentations and innovative project ideas.

Special Recognition
Special congratulations to our youngest participants, Stephan Panayiotou Boadu from class 1G and Odysseas Graves from class 1R. They earned a remarkable third place with their project, “Rocket Fuels: How Does the Type of Fuel Affect the Performance of a Rocket.” Their achievement is especially noteworthy when competing against 62 teams from across the island.

Our Proud Representatives
We also celebrate all 14 talented students who participated, each contributing to our school's ongoing tradition of excellence in science education. Their enthusiasm and commitment to their studies greatly pride our school community.

Looking Forward
The success at this year's sCYence Fair has set a high bar for next year, and we look forward to continuing our support for student-led research and innovation. Congratulations to all participants and their mentors for making this event a memorable one!

Thank you to everyone who supported and cheered for our teams. Your encouragement plays a crucial role in their success and growth.

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