The English School Continues its Outstanding Performance

08 Dec. 2015

Outstanding Performance
Outstanding Performance
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Success is no accident.  It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all love of what you are doing. - Pele

We are delighted to announce the outstanding achievement of our students who were awarded for their achievement in the Pearson (Edexcel) summer 2015 examinations.

Eight of our students were awarded for the Highest International mark in their subject, five students were awarded for Highest Mark in Europe and seven students for Highest Mark in Cyprus.

Many congratulations to the students themselves and their teachers and parents who supported them in their brilliant attainment.

  • Highest International mark GCE A Level: Chemistry:  Panayiotis Laouris
  • Highest Mark in Cyprus GCE A level English Literature: Valery Gusev
  • Highest mark in Cyprus GCE A Level Greek: Irene Anastasiades
  • Highest mark in Cyprus GCE A Level History: Margarita Aliki Taliadoros
  • Highest International mark (joint) GCE A Level Mathematics Despina Christodoulou
  • Highest Mark in Europe GCSE Design and Technology: Simone Anna Arajian
  • Highest International mark (joint) GCSE Russian: Margarita Strovolidou
  • Highest Mark In Europe International A Level Further Mathematics: Lambros Asvestas
  • Highest Mark in Cyprus (joint) International A level Physics: Maria Christodoulou
  • Highest Mark In Europe IGCSE Biology: Georgia Kriticou
  • Highest Mark in Europe IGCSE Chemistry: Charis Eleftheriou
  • Highest mark in Cyprus (joint) IGCSE French: Andreas Economou
  • Highest mark in Cyprus (joint) History: Georgia Kriticou
  • Highest mark in Cyprus (joint) History: Myria Constantinidou
  • Highest International mark IGCSE Modern Greek: Erica Christofi
  • Highest Mark In Europe IGCSE Turkish: Nihal Sogandji
  • Highest International mark (joint) IGCSE Mathematics: Georgia Socratous
  • Highest International mark (joint) IGCSE Mathematics: Panayiotis Yiannikourides
  • Highest International mark (joint) IGCSE Mathematics:  George Kroussaniotakis
  • Highest International mark (joint) IGCSE Mathematics: Anna Economou
Students in the photo:
Top row: George Kroussaniotakis, Andreas Economou, Panayiotis Yiannikourides
Bottom row: Georgia Kriticou, Simone Anna Arajian, Erica Christofi , Georgia Socratous, Anna Economou, Maria Constantinidou, Charis Eleftheriou
(Nihal Sogandji was not available) 

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