Introducing the Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts at The English School

22 Sept. 2022

MIE Expert
MIE Expert
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The title of MIE Expert is awarded every year to educators who impact teaching and learning in their role, striving to find new ways to engage students. 

Microsoft Innovative Educators Experts is a thriving community of self- driven educators, passionate about teaching and learning who inspire students with creative thinking and work in a truly collaborative spirit. 
Educators design enriching learning activities aiming to teach 21st Century Learning Design skills: Critical thinking, Communication skills, Creativity, Problem solving, Perseverance, Collaboration, Information literacy, Technology skills and digital literacy. 
Chryso Constantinou, a Spanish and Greek Teacher, was accepted this summer to the MIE Expert Program. For her application process she demonstrated “how students used Canva to create and personalize artifacts from scratch through project-based learning. Students had to articulate concepts in a visual manner and an intuitive way in order to record their learning”. Also, she outlined how Quizlet can be used as an efficient formative assessment tool to help students practice, test or revise vocabulary.  
Marilena Neocleous, a Greek Teacher, is joining the MIE Expert Program for the second consecutive year. During the academic year 2021-22 she offered in- school trainings to teaching staff on One Note, Teams and Microsoft Forms for quizzing and individualised feedback as well as online training to teachers of Greek as a second/ foreign language on Wakelet and Flipgrid. “My ongoing tech project is to create an inclusive learning experience for all learners and empower each students’ voice by leveraging Microsoft tools such as Flipgrid and verbal feedback in One Note”.  
Christina Varnava Vasou, a Computer Science Teacher, states “Truly honoured to be a part of this passionate team of changemakers in education for the fourth consecutive year! It is extremely rewarding to see the results of effective technology integration in class. Starting from incorporating Microsoft Teams, Class Notebooks and Forms to manage the class material and encouraging self-monitoring of assessment and moving on to building units across the curriculum in creative STEAM Minecraft Education projects. Eager to work with such an amazing team and ready to begin another great academic year!”

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