Remembering Michalis Karaolis: A Legacy of Valor and Virtue

17 May 2024

Remembering Michalis Karaolis: A Legacy of Valor and Virtue
Remembering Michalis Karaolis: A Legacy of Valor and Virtue
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On Thursday, 16th May, we gathered to honour the memory of Michalis Karaolis, an alumnus of The English School, whose life was tragically cut short during the EOKA struggle for Cypriot independence. His bravery and commitment continue to inspire us all.

During the memorial service, we reflected on Michalis' remarkable contributions both as a student and a freedom fighter. Commemorating his life, we were joined by:
  • The English School Board of Management, headed by Ms. J. Demetriou
  • Senior Leadership Team, led by Mr. S. Walker
  • The ESOBGA Committee, headed by Mr. A. Loizou
  • Michalakis Karaolis' Family: Mr Michalis Karaolis (alumni of the School), his wife Christina Pittas Karaolis, and their son Alexios Savvas Karaolis, currently in Year 4.
  • Old Classmates: Andreas Zachariou, Aris Symeonides, and Andreas Hadjipapas
  • Student Leaders Aliki Heracleous (Head Girl), Constantinos Nearchou (Head Boy) and Michalis Petrides (Deputy Head Boy) respectfully placed a wreath on behalf of the School.
  • Other friends 

The highlight of the event was the musical interlude featuring "Ένα το Χελιδόνι" by Μίκης Θεοδωράκης, beautifully performed by our students George Polycarpou, Panagiotis Milios, and Constandinos Kyriakos Pedonomou Middleton.
As we continue to award the Michalakis Karaolis Shield during our School's Sports Week, we celebrate Michalis' athletic prowess and profound courage and integrity legacy.
We are forever grateful for Michalis Karaolis' heroic deeds and are proud to honour his memory. His spirit lives on through the values he championed, inspiring future generations.


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