Celebrating Europe Day - A Journey Through Erasmus+

09 May 2024

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Today, on Europe Day, we celebrate unity, peace, and the opportunities the European Union provides its citizens. One shining example of these opportunities is the Erasmus+ program, which has opened doors to learning, teaching, and growing beyond our borders.

Through the Erasmus+ program, our students have gained invaluable experiences and created lasting friendships. The testimonials we've collected highlight transformative journeys—from learning new languages and understanding different cultures to shaping our identity as active EU citizens.

For our teachers, Erasmus+ has offered unique professional development through training courses, job shadowing, and teaching assignments abroad. These experiences have enhanced their teaching methods and enriched their personal lives.

Watch our video for snapshots of these unforgettable moments and read about the personal stories of growth and discovery.

Let's continue to embrace the spirit of Europe—connected, diverse, and endlessly curious. Happy Europe Day! 

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