Empowering SEN Students Through Metacognitive Strategies

27 May 2024

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In an exciting development for our educational community, Dr Niki Melanidou, a dedicated Greek Teacher, SENCo - Inclusion Officer at The English school has recently published an illuminative article in "The International Educator (TIE)". This article, titled "Metacognitive Strategies for Supporting SEN Students", delves into innovative techniques designed to enhance the learning experiences of students with special educational needs (SEN).

The Importance of Metacognitive Strategies
Metacognitive strategies are crucial as they empower students to think about their own learning more explicitly. They usually teach students to set their own learning goals, monitor their own progress, and adjust their learning strategies when necessary. These strategies can be particularly transformative for SEN students, offering them tools to overcome challenges and improve academic performance.

Key Insights from the Article
The article discusses various practical applications of metacognitive strategies tailored for SEN students, including:

  • Self-monitoring techniques: How students can use checklists or journals to track their learning progress.
  • Goal-setting practices: Teaching students to set realistic, achievable goals.
  • Reflective thinking: Encouraging students to reflect on their learning experiences to identify the most effective strategies.

These approaches not only aid in the academic realm but also build confidence and foster a sense of autonomy among students.

We encourage all educators, parents, and students to read this insightful article to understand better how metacognitive strategies can be effectively employed in the educational journey of SEN students. The full article is available here

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