Year 1 Parents' Workshop 'Active learning, Developing confident learners' – Monday, 6th of December 2021

09 Dec. 2021

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Last Monday evening, Year 1 Parents attended a workshop at the English School, Nicosia, titled 'Active learning, Developing confident learners' 

The purpose of the workshop was to guide parents in supporting the children in the transition from elementary school to the English School and also include the parents in the school efforts to actively engage the students with their learning. The workshop was led by Ms Popi Grouta, Assistant Head in charge of Teaching and Learning.
The workshop was interactive and included insights from research in educational psychology and practical ideas to help the children improve their learning. The participants were provided with several opportunities to air their views and process ideas presented on mindsets and good study habits. Several effective learning techniques were presented to help parents support their children in studying and revising to achieve success. At the end of the workshop, parents provided the trainer with positive feedback on the usefulness of the event and expressed hope that similar events would be planned in the future.

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