EuroMath 2016 Conference Thessaloniki Greece

05 Apr. 2016

Euromath 2016
Euromath 2016
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Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, algorithms: it is about UNDERSTANDING - William Paul Thurston

For the first time this year, our students applied to participate in the Euromath conference in Thessaloniki.  The conference took place on 30 March to 4 April.

Two of our students: Petros Vasileiadis and Sofronis Michael from Year 3 registered and the abstract they submitted was approved.  Their presentation was about ‘Maths in Hollywood’.  They showed two films: White Collar (American Series) and the Imitation Game (Movie) and they explained how math’s plays a significant role/part in these films.
Our students and accompanying teacher had a lot fun and our students learned a great deal participating in the workshops and seeing how other students presented their ideas.  Coming into contact with other students and discussing ideas surely made the learning experience fun!
The Euromath Conference happens every year and any student from age 9 to 18 can apply. We hope that next year our students will show a bigger interest and experience this first hand!
Until next year…   let the mathematics in our daily life, including recreation, continue!

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