Activities Listing

Boys Inter-House Cross Country Competition
​The Boys Inter-House Competition took place on Thursday, 17th November 2022 at our Athletics Track. 
About the day at the cinema!
On Sunday, 13th November, our students attended the European Young Audience Awards.
Year 4 Assembly - Refugee's presentation
Mr Etinosa Erevbenagie, the co-founder of the NGO "Generation for change CY" and Mr Orestis Papamiltiades spoke to our students about their organisation's mission and the current situation and needs of the Refugees. 
Partial Eclipse Observations 25th October
Over 300 students, staff and parents of our community observed the partial eclipse of the Sun on 25/10/2022 safely with the Astronomy Club equipment. 
Junior Girls Afternoon Games - 4th November
We had the semifinals of the Year 1 Basketball Competition and the two strongest teams, Newham and Wolseley qualified for the Final. 
School Parade Team October 2022
Our Parade Team represented the English School in the 28th October Schools Parade in the centre of Nicosia.  
Afternoon Games - 3rd November 2022
The Inter-House Competitions continued with the Year 1 Basketball Tournament, where Kitchener and Wolseley won their matches, qualifying for the Final.  
PSHCE Lesson - Breast and Testicular Awareness
As part of the Year 7 PSHCE course, the month of October was spent learning about breast, testicular and skin cancer and the importance of self-examination.  
French Restaurant and Art Gallery Outing
On Tuesday, 25th October, students studying French from years 3, 4, 5 and 6 had the opportunity to attend an art gallery opening in Limassol called "Parisian Women artists" at Lumière gallery.
Biology field trip - October 2022
Biology A Level students getting outside the classroom to consolidate and achieve their ecology learning objectives through hands-on fieldwork in Freshwater and Rocky Seashore habitats in the Akamas area
Rempetiko tragoudi night out
Our year 5 students of the Greek A' Level (part of which is the film 'Ouzeri Tsitsanis) had the opportunity to get familiar with the Rempetiko (Ρεμπέτικο τραγούδι) by visiting the restaurant "Η καρδιά του μάγκα" accompanied by their teachers and members of the Greek Department on Tuesday the 18th October. 
Pancyprian Modern Biathlon Competition
Participation in the Pancyprian Modern Biathlon Competition was successful.
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