Activities Listing

Hockey Tournament
The school hockey team participated in the Hockey Tournament organized by the Cyprus Hockey Federation on Saturday, 12th June 2021. 
A musical ending to the year
Friday, June 4th marked the last day of lessons for Years 1-3, and members of the Lower School Orchestra performed a short concert during first break to celebrate and wish everyone good luck on their upcoming exams.
Year 4's last PSHCE for this year.
We had our last PSHCE lesson for Year 4 students for this year.
The English School Junior Tennis Tournament
The 1st English Junior Tennis Tournament took place between the 25th of May and the 3rd of June at our new tennis courts. 
Mathematical Olympiads National Teams
The Mathematics Department would like to congratulate the following students on their success in being selected in the National Teams representing Cyprus in the following competitions.
We all scream for ice cream—the last day for year 5.
Yesterday was the last day of our Year 5 students; at 11.30 am, our students were offered a sweat surprise: ice cream!
KANGOUROU GREEK competition (THALES Foundation), 2021 Results
​The Greek Department wishes to celebrate the success of our students at the KANGOUROU GREEK competition (THALES Foundation), 2021 and at the exam for the certificate of the Very Good Knowledge of Greek (Ministry of Education). 
The English School Pupils win 5th place in the Eurostat's competition
A group of pupils from Cyprus won fifth place in this year’s European Statistics Competition (ESC), it was announced on Tuesday.
Inspiring guest speakers joined the last Global Perspective classes for 2020-21
The Global Perspectives department ended the school year with Year 5 by inviting three inspiring guest speakers to their Global Perspectives class.
F1 in Schools Entry Level Competitions
This week our Year 2 students will be racing their F1 model cars during their Design and Technology lessons.
Cyprus Mathematical Society Results of the 22nd Mathematical Olympiad 2020 – 2021
The Mathematics Department would like to congratulate the following students who excelled in the 22nd Mathematical Olympiad.
​No matter the circumstances, the show must go on
Our students Eleonora Savvidou and Ara Mahdessian surprised their music teachers with a very moving virtual performance of the music they were not able to perform live during this year’s Arts Week.
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