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Nicholas Pitsillos, 5R participated in the International Art French Competition
We are pleased to announce that Nicholas Pitsillos, 5R participated in the International Art French Competition organised by the Institut Mondial D'art de La Jeunesse in Troyes (France). 
El Sistema Cyprus
A quote of inspiration for El Sistema Cyprus: “I would teach music, physics and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning”- Plato.
European Statistics Competition Success
Congratulations to two of our teams that took part in the national phase of European Statistics competition 2021. 
Ritangle 2020 competition
The students below participated in the Ritangle Competition 2020 and reached stage 3. Less than 5% of the teams that entered achieved this.
Acts of Kindness 2020 – Give a Little Love
This year, we asked students and members of the school community to ‘Give a Little Love’ and they rose to the challenge in tremendous form.
Young photographer of The English school
On the 16th November Year 1students from the French club took the opportunity to practice their photography skills while learning about French photography. 
News from our ERASMUS+ Club
As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many countries and regions have imposed quarantines, entry bans and other restrictions for citizens and travellers this year making it impossible for the students of our Erasmus+ Club to travel abroad.
Design & Technology Careers - English School Graduates
Michalis Hadjiantoniou and Constantina Hadjigeorgiou graduated from The English School after studying Design & Technology at both GCSE and A-Level achieved an 'A' grade.
The English School non uniform day collection for Sophia For Children Foundation – we have not forgotten Lebanon
They say that news, no matter how shocking, lasts in our minds as long as it plays in the media. Then it disappears as if it never happened.  Unfortunately, this may be the case.
MEDIMUN is one of the winners of an international competition.
MEDIMUN is an annual Model United Nations conference organised by the students of The English School. MEDIMUN took part in the 2020 MUN Refugee Challenge organised internationally by the UNHCR alongside more than 20,000 students in 75 countries. 
Plant a Tree, Plant a new Life
Year 6 participated in a tree-planting activity which gave them the chance to go outside in the fresh air, bond with their year group and have a few laughs.
French Song Competition
Akile Sogandji 3Yellow participated in the French songwriting competition.  Read why she participated below. 
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