Year 3 Trip to Kalopanagiotis and Pedoulas

22 Jun. 2022

Year 3 Trip to Kalopanagiotis and Pedoulas
Year 3 Trip to Kalopanagiotis and Pedoulas
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​One of our targets as a Pastoral team is to develop students' cultural awareness. We encourage them to be self-aware while getting to know their own culture and how it shapes them, as well as respecting others’ cultures and understand that not everyone in the world does things ‘like we do’.

For this reason, Year 3 students and their Pastoral team visited the villages Kalopanagiotis and Pedoulas in Marathasa Valley area of Nicosia district on Friday 17th June 2022. Kalopanagiotis is one of the most beautiful resorts on the island with its sulphur springs, traditional architecture, cobbled streets, old chapels and churches and panoramic valley views and is ideal for agro tourism due to its peaceful surroundings. We enjoyed walking along a nature trail early in the morning and visited the Monastery of Agios Ioannis Lampadistis at Kalopanagiotis, a site on the UNESCO world Heritage Site List, and saw the well-preserved frescos dating back to the 9th century.  We also visited the Venetian bridge and the Kykkos watermill, which is a cultural heritage monument by the Cyprus Department of Antiquities and is an imposing site, characteristic of the pre-industrial architectural period.

During their visit to Kalopanagiotis, the students will find out information about local sights while playing a game and took lots of picutres for our  Architecture Photography Competition!

Finally, we had a delicious Cyprus brunch at a local restaurant in Pedoulas village!

School trips, opportunities for long lasting memories!!

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