Year 1 Educational Trip

13 May 2022

Year 1 Educational Trip
Year 1 Educational Trip
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Marine pollution is a serious issue on our island, and with that in mind Year 1 decided to do something about it. 

So for our educational trip Y1 went to Faros beach in Pervolia for a beach clean.   It was a great success, we picked up around 600kg of litter and made a significant positive impact on the environment!   The activity was carried out in cooperation with AKTI Project and Research Centre and the data on litter we collected was recorded. This data has been entered into a European wide database which is used as a key tool to raise awareness about the sources, causes and impacts of marine litter.   
It was great to be able to go on school trips again after more than 2 years of the pandemic and we all enjoyed the beautiful sunny day together.  After their hard work at Faros beach, Year 1 spent the rest of the day playing, relaxing and bonding at Makenzie beach. 

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