Year 4 Global Perspectives Team Project

29 Dec. 2021

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Year 4 Global Perspectives students recently presented their first team project which was on raising awareness on an issue regarding Poverty. They had the freedom of choice to pick any global problem that is connected to Poverty and selected topics such as Racism, Education, Criminality, Vaccine Poverty etc.

They had to produce one outcome as a team that could take a variety of forms, such as: a poster, information leaflet or brochure, a song, a poem, a video, a model, a webpage, a social media campaign, anything but an essay.
Some of the most impressive and creative outcomes were from:
Artemis Riga, Anna Pasha, Andreas Epaminondas, Gavriel Georgiou who did a full comic on the effects of poverty on a student from primary school to adulthood. Anna is the talented artist behind the comic.

“The daily lives of students are captured through cartoons providing a more vivid outline of what students in poverty face. Alongside, the child's life that is depicted from pre-school to university allows the reader to understand that the problem of poverty is long term.​ Moreover, the pictures provide an easy to understand overview on the subject while the text allows for a more detailed understanding on the matter. Additionally, it could help younger children sympathies with their less privileged classmates. It will also give them a wider perspective on real life and the hardships that some have to endure. ​Lastly, the colours on the poster are eye catching, which will attract readers to read the poster, therefore making a larger audience aware of the problem.”

Nikolas Charitonidis, Simoni Stefanou and Celine Yiasemides​ did a 3D model representing Art in Poverty and fast fashion. Simoni is the talented artist behind the model.
“Through this art piece we wanted to show how we could create Art from cheap materials. The message behind the art piece is to raise awareness to stop the huge production of clothes, which stay unused and use so much energy to be produced and then end up being throw in the landfills. The money used to make all these clothes could be used to solve more serious issues, which affect the whole world. As shown in the art piece, our planet, the earth is so small compared to the “disaster” this situation brings.​”
Marisavel Papanastasiou​, Maria Kalotari​ and Marilia Christou created this informative and aesthetic poster. Maria is the talented artist behind the drawings.
“Poverty and crime are often linked. We wanted to show why exactly that is happening and if there are any solutions to the problem. We wanted to shed light on both sides of the situation. The most often talked about, why are poor people more likely to commit crimes and how can we fix it; and the usually overlooked situation of less fortunate people having higher chances of being the victims of all sorts of crimes. Our hope was for the outcome to raise awareness about the topic without vilifying people in poverty and actually diving deeper into the causes of these issues.​”

We can’t wait to see what Year 5 students do for their official IGCSE Team Project coursework next term as a part of their Global Perspectives IGCSE.
Luzdary Hammad-Stavrou
Global Perspectives

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